Give a Family Happiness

Provide an incredible gift for those in need
Make A Difference
Benefit from free medical screenings
Join an elite group

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

1 in 8 couples face infertility issues. Give the amazing gift of egg donation to these families and receive generous compensation.

Steps to Becoming an Egg Donor

From the moment you apply, a Donor Coordinator will be with you every step of the the way.

1. Apply
Fill out an application and a Donor Coordinator will contact you in a few days.
2. Qualify
Come meet us and learn all about the donation process! Qualification involves FREE physician visits, medical testing and genetic screening.
3. Donate
Once approved and started on a donation cycle, it's an 8-10 day countdown to the egg retrieval.
Follow Annie as she visits California Cryobank and meets our medical director Dr. Shamonki

Fast Facts

Egg donation by the numbers.

One Day
The retrieval itself takes 20 minutes and most women are back at work or school after one day.
No Worries
Rest assured, being a donor doesn’t cause you to run out of eggs sooner. Eggs collected during a donation cycle would otherwise be lost naturally. Why not donate them?
8-10 Days
The typical amount of time it takes to complete a donation cycle.
6.7 Million
US women are diagnosed with impaired fecundity. Egg donors help many of them achieve the family of their dreams.

Each Year, Donors Open the Door...

... for thousands to achieve their dreams of building a family. The following is a Thank You letter from a real CCB client.

People always say, “There are no words”. And there aren’t. There are no words, except thank you. The kind of thank you that gets stuck in your throat and hurts because you mean it so much. Everything that we presently have in our life. we have because of a choice you made that changed our lives forever.